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UNO Criss Library Creative Production Lab Policies: Vinyl Cutting

A complete collection of all patron-facing policies concerning the use and access to the CPL.

Vinyl Cutting Information

Vinyl Cutting

The CPL can support projects requiring adhesive or heat-set vinyls thanks to our Titan 3 vinyl cutter and materials on hand. 


For decals and transfer lettering, we offer multiple colors of permanent adhesive, exterior cast-vinyl in 24” width rolls. Because of the feed mechanism of the Titan 3, all projects will be charged at minimum for the use of 1” height across the full 24” width of vinyl created as non recoverable scrap material.


The largest single cut of vinyl that can be successfully processed on our Titan 3 is 23.5”x18”.


Transfer material is available and included in the cost of all vinyl projects. We offer 6” width in paper and transparent plastic, and 24” width in transparent plastic. Due to space limitations and material issues, the largest transfer adhesive section we can achieve or would suggest matches our cut size at 23.5”x18”.


Vinyl cutting is available by appointment only. Reservations can be made by phone or email.


Cutting requires a vector-based image that can be opened by Adobe Illustrator. AI, SVG, PDF, DXF, and EPS are compatible. Image files created entirely within Adobe Illustrator are immediately and readily compatible. File preparation is the most time consuming segment of cutting, and we ask that patrons come in with a fully prepared file at the time of appointment, or arrive well in advance of their reservation to seek help in file prep within the Computer Lab.


Patrons are responsible for weeding of excess material on cut vinyl, and for the application of transfer material. Tools are provided for this purpose, and CPL staff is available for assistance.


For university departments or university galleries needing vinyl for glass wall displays, the CPL can be contacted for processing at the cost of material, plus labor charges for weeding and transfer material application. For requests larger than 23.5”x18” the CPL will divide images into as few segments as possible for realignment at install. At request, the CPL can value-align text into as little material as possible while retaining logical word-by-word layouts. Requests can be made by email, with a 5 business day lead time prior to expected pickup date.


Exterior cast vinyl decals and lettering should NOT be applied on drywall or interior painted walls if expected to be removed. Significant damage to underlying gypsum board may result on removal.