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The Art of Doing Nothing

by Maison Horton

Adjustment is the over-arching theme of our present time, and this includes finding a balance between work life and home life now that they are closer than ever before. Many have switched to different modes of working from home, while family and global issues at large compete for our attention. What gets lost in this flurry of pressing matters? It's presence. It's idleness. It's allowing yourself the time to exist and "do nothing." These reads identify sources of stress and burnout in our lives and provide suggestions on ways we can permit ourselves more time to just be ourselves.

In this display:

  • Fridh, M. (2020). The Art of stillness in a noisy world. Hardie Grant Books.
  • Lfgren, O., & Ehn, B. (2010). The Secret world of doing nothing. University of California Press.
  • Lutz, Tom. (2021). Aimlessness. Columbia University Press.
  • Murray, S. (2018). The burnout solution: 12 weeks to a calmer you. Gill Books.
  • O'Connor, B. (2018). Idleness: A philosophical essay. Princeton University Press.
  • Richman, J. (2018). Finding stillness in a noisy world.  University of Utah Press. 
  • Rose, J. L. (2016). Free time. Princeton University Press.
  • Russell, R. (2020) Pastimes: The context of contemporary leisure. Sagamore Publishing, LLC.
  • Stark, J. (2020). When you're not ok: A toolkit for tough times. Scribe.
  • Tolle, E. (2003). Stillness speaks. New World Library.
  • Vogt, S. (2012). Your spacious self: Clear the clutter and discover who you are. Hierophant Publishing.