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eBook Expo

Virtual displays featuring eBooks from UNO Libraries.


by Maison Horton

Where we come from has been a question for centuries, and for some, exploring ancestry is a way to place an individual's life into the story of millions. Sometimes ancestry and genealogy are used as a hobby, while others might use the study to discover hereditary health issues, to find possible inheritances, or to keep a chronicle of family life. Whatever your purpose for exploring your genealogy, we have a number of eBooks on the subject, whether you're a beginner or long-time genealogy enthusiast. Your journey to the past begins here.

UNO Libraries can help. UNO students, staff, and faculty can access MyHeritage - Library Edition for historical research needs. And don't forget to ask our Archives & Special Collections department for tips and tricks on genealogy!

In this display:

  • Adolph, A. (2015). In search of our ancient ancestors: From the big bang to modern britain in science and myth. Pen & Sword Books.
  • Bettinger, B. T. (2019). The family tree guide to dna testing and genetic genealogy. F+W Media.
  • Deblasio, D. M., Ganzert, C. F., Mould, D. H., Paschen, S. H., & Sacks, H. L. (2009). Catching stories: A practical guide to oral history. Ohio University Press.
  • Douglas, A. (2011). Time traveller's handbook: A guide to the past. Dundurn.
  • Foy, K. (2011). Ancestors in the attic: Making family memorabilia into history. The History Press.
  • Foy, K. (2011). Family history for beginners. The History Press.
  • Hawkins, D. T., & Kahle, B. (2013). Personal archiving: Preserving our digital heritage. Information Today, Inc.
  • Kennett, D. (2012). The surnames handbook: A guide to family name research in the 21st century. The History Press.
  • Moss, J. (2019). Great british family names and their history: What's in a name?. Pen & Sword Books Limited.
  • Nash, C. (2015). Genetic geographies: The trouble with ancestry. University of Minnesota Press.
  • Oates, J. (2016). Tracing your ancestors through local history records: A guide for family historians. Pen & Sword Books.
  • Scott, J. (2015). The family history web directory: The genealogical websites you can't do without. Pen & Sword Books.
  • Scott, J. (2017). A dictionary of family history: The genealogists’ abc. Pen & Sword Family History.
  • Symes, R. A. (2013). It runs in the family: Understanding more about your ancestors. The History Press.
  • Thomas, G. S. J. (2019). Finding true connections: How to learn and write about a family member’s history. Exisle Publishing PTY Ltd.