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eBook Expo

Virtual displays featuring eBooks from UNO Libraries.

Deconstructing Racism

by Maison Horton


In the face of pervasive systems of oppression, what can one person do? You've heard the term ally, but what does that mean and look like in practice? Though the answer isn't simple, education is the foundation of understanding. While books in this display merely scratch the surface of racism in America, these select reads will provide you with essential tools to use as you encounter direct and indirect forms of racism--in a time when we are all challenged to take a stand and to take action.

Interested in more on this topic? Search using the links below to find contemporary titles relating to race, racism, white privilege, experiences of BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color), and more.

In this display:

  • Abu-Jamal, M. (2017). Have black lives ever mattered? City Lights Publishers.
  • Beech, J. (2020). White out: A guidebook for teaching and engaging with critical whiteness studies. BRILL.
  • Bergo, B., & Nicholls, T. (2015). “I don’t see color”: Personal and critical perspectives on white privilege. Penn State University Press.
  • Branch, E. H., & Jackson, C. (2020). Black in america: The paradox of the color line. Polity Press.
  • Dache, A., Quaye, S. J., Linder, C., & McGuire, K. M. (Eds.). (2019). Rise up: Activism as education. Michigan State University Press.
  • Darity, W. A., & Mullen, A. K. (2020). From here to equality: Reparations for black americans in the twenty-first century. University of North Carolina Press.
  • Fasching-Varner, K.J.,Tobin, K.J., Lentz, S.M. (2018). #Brokenpromises, black deaths, and blue ribbons: Understanding, complicating, and transcending police-community violence. BRILL.
  • Kernahan, C. (2019). Teaching about race and racism in the college classroom: Notes from a white professor. West Virginia University Press.
  • Saad, L. F. (2020). Me and white supremacy: Combat racism, change the world, and become a good ancestor. Sourcebooks.
  • Schenwar, M., Macaré, J., & Yu-lan, P. A. (Eds.). (2016). Who do you serve, who do you protect?: Police violence and resistance in the united states. Haymarket Books.
  • Singh, A. A. (2019). The racial healing handbook: Practical activities to help you challenge privilege, confront systemic racism, and engage in collective healing. New Harbinger Publications.
  • Vianden, J. (2020). Got Solidarity? Routledge.
  • Yancy, G. (2017). On race: 34 conversations in a time of crisis. Oxford University Press, Incorporated.