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Learn to Draw


by Maison Horton

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw? Like any skill, it takes practice! These reads will give you interesting ideas that will sharpen your technique and help you sketch the world around you. You'll also learn about different mediums (e.g. pencil, pen, etc.) and art styles that suit your vision, like hyper-realistic drawing, manga, and more.

Pencil Art Workshop : Techniques, Ideas, and Inspiration for Drawing and Designing with Pencil
How to Draw with a Ballpoint Pen : Sketching Instruction, Creativity Starters, and Fantastic Things to Draw
  • Campbell, E. (2018). A few minutes of design. Princeton Architectural Press.
  • Candle, P., & Khan, Z. (2018). Kawaii doodle cuties: Sketching super-cute stuff from around the world. Quarto Publishing Group USA.
  • Carroll, H. (2017). Read this if you want to be great at drawing. Laurence King Publishing.
  • Higaki, M. (2020). Observational sketching: Hone your artistic skills by learning how to observe and sketch everyday objects. Quarto Publishing Group USA.
  • Kauffman, Y. D., Powell, W. F., Cardaci, D., & Foster, W. (2019). The art of drawing people: Simple techniques for drawing figures, portraits, and poses. Quarto Publishing Group USA.
  • Keck, G. (2017). How to draw with a ballpoint pen: Sketching instruction, creativity starters, and fantastic things to draw. Quarto Publishing Group USA.
  • Lambry, R. (2019). The draw any animal book: Over 150 simple step-by-step drawing sequences for every kind of creature. Quarto Publishing Group USA.
  • McManness, E. (2018). Art starts with a line: A creative and interactive guide to the art of line drawing. Quarto Publishing Group USA.
  • Morozumi, J., & Mizuna, T. (2019). The manga artist's handbook: Drawing basic characters. Turtle Publishing.
  • Parr, P. (2015). Zen of drawing: How to draw what you see. Pavilion Books.
  • Peterson, J. S. (2017). Drawing for joy: 15-minute daily meditations to cultivate drawing skill and unwind with color--365 prompts for aspiring artists. Quarto Publishing Group USA.
  • Rota, M. (2017). Pencil art workshop: Techniques, ideas, and inspiration for drawing and designing with pencil. Quarto Publishing Group USA.
  • Sidaway, I., & Hodge, S. (2019). How to draw: A comprehensive drawing course: still life, landscapes, buildings, people, and portraits. Fox Chapel Publishing.
  • Ward, C. (2019). Modern colored pencil: A playful and contemporary exploration of colored pencil drawing. Quarto Publishing Group USA.