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eBook Expo

Virtual displays featuring eBooks from UNO Libraries.


by Karen Jabens

The benefits of exercise to the mind and body are well known. If you are looking for a change to your regular routine or are looking to start a new exercise routine, this list of books can help you get started right from the comfort of your own home. Large equipment not required. Home gyms can be very affordable, with some requiring nothing but your body and a little space. While many of the books in this list are focused on strength training, aerobic exercises such as running, walking and cycling are included to round out any exercise program. 

In this display:

  • Bruscia, G. (2015). The functional training bible. Meyer & Meyer Sports.
  • Contreras, B. (2014). Bodyweight strength training anatomy. Human Kinetics.
  • DeCurtins, J. (2015). Ultimate plank fitness: For a strong core, killer abs - and a killer body. Fair Winds Press.
  • Eisen, I. (2014). Pilates. Rosen Publishing Group
  • Elson MD, L & Stanton, M. (2015). Walking for health: Why this simple form of activity may be your best health insurance. Harvard Health Publications.
  • Galloway, J. & Ludwig, S. (2014). Running: getting started. Meyer & Meyer Sports.
  • Harvey, J. (2017). Run better: How to improve your running technique and prevent injury. Greystone Books.
  • Lauren, M. (2016). The 90-day bodyweight challenge for men. Riva Verlag
  • Lauren, M. (2016). The 90-day bodyweight challenge for women. Riva Verlag
  • Sheen, B. (2014). Yoga. Lucent Books.
  • Vigue, S. (2018). 30 day bodyweight workout program: Easy to follow videos for yoga, pilates, flexibility, power yoga and core training. Sean Vigue
  • Wyndham-Read. (2015). HIIT - High intensity interval training: Get fit and sexy in less than 15 Minutes a day. Meyer & Meyer Sports.