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eBook Expo

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by Maison Horton

Space has captured our imaginations for centuries, but it wasn't until the moon landings of the mid-twentieth century that we learned about our capabilities to escape the Earth's gravitational bonds. Though what's really out there is still a mystery to us (and proves to us just how much we still have to learn), we have made historical strides as a species to learn more about our own stellar neighborhood, using telescopes, space probes, and even land rovers. It seems that Mars, the red planet, is our next frontier, and many wonder if we'll ever establish human colonies on other planets like Earth's red twin.

Did you know that Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all visible to the naked eye? We can thank the Sun's rays for illuminating our planetary neighbors, but some other places in the sky require a little more hard-looking. Enjoy these reads which will help you learn more about space travel and ways you can take a journey into the stars right from home.

In this display:

  • Bignami, G. F. (2015). The mystery of the seven spheres: How homo sapiens will conquer space. Springer.
  • Carroll, M. (2014). Living among giants: Exploring and settling the outer solar system. Springer.
  • Comins, N. F. (2017). The Traveler’s Guide to Space: For One-Way Settlers and Round-Trip Tourists. Columbia University Press.
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  • Friedman, L. (2015). Human spaceflight: From mars to the stars. University of Arizona Press.
  • Harmon, D. E. (2017). The early days of space exploration. Rosen Publishing Group.
  • Lambright, W. H. (2014). Why mars: Nasa and the politics of space exploration. Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Murdin, P. (2015). Planetary vistas: The landscapes of other worlds. Springer.
  • North, G. (2012). Observing the Solar System: The Modern Astronomer’s Guide. Cambridge University Press.
  • Watson, F. (2020). Exploding stars and invisible planets: The science of what's out there. Columbia University Press.
  • Willis, J. (2016). All These Worlds Are Yours: The Scientific Search for Alien Life. Yale University Press.
  • Zack, M., Gannon, A., & McRoberts, J. (2018). Stargazing under suburban skies: A star-hopper's guide. Springer.