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eBook Expo

Virtual displays featuring eBooks from UNO Libraries.

If You Are Your Brand: Social Media Tips

by Maison Horton


For some, social media is a casual pastime, fit for the occasional scroll, tweet, post, or selfie. Others turn social media into a tool, a means by which to project their personal brand into the world-wide web. After all, we live in an age when the average person can propel themselves into microcelebrity or bigger by simply turning what was once a hobby into a source of income or clout-generation. Ready to take your personal brand to the next level? Check out the eBooks in this display to learn about a variety of methods to expand and elevate your network.

In this display:

  • Dugan, L. (2013). Twitter 101: everything you need to know about twitter marketing. FTPress.
  • Goldman, J. (2012). Going social: Excite customers, generate buzz, and energize your brand with the power of social media. Amacom.
  • Hiebner, G. (2014). Social media for musicians: youtube. Cengage Learning PTR.
  • Hiebner, G., & Hiebner, S. (2015). Social media for musicians: soundcloud. Cengage Learning PTR.
  • Jacenko, R. (2019). Roxy's little black book of tips and tricks: The no-bullsh*t guide to all things pr, social media, business and building your brand. Allen & Unwin.
  • Kane, B. (2018). One million followers: How i built a massive social following in 30 days. BenBella Books, Inc.
  • Kerpen, D., Greenbaum, M., Berk, R. E., & Kerpen, C. (2019). Likeable social media: how to delight your customers, create an irresistible brand, and be generally amazing on all social networks that matter (Revised and expanded 3rd ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.
  • Marshall, P., Krance, K., & Meloche, T. (2017). Ultimate guide to facebook advertising: How to access 1 billion potential customers in 10 minutes. Entrepreneur Press.
  • Miles, J. (2019). Instagram power: build your brand and reach more customers with visual influence (2nd ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.
  • Morgan, C. L. (2018). Social media marketing for your business. National Association of Homebuilders.
  • Tasker, S. (2019). Hashtag authentic: Finding creativity and building a community on instagram and beyond. Quarto Publishing Group UK.
  • Thomas, M. (2018). The financial times guide to social media strategy: boost your business, manage risk and develop your personal brand (1st, Ser. Financial times guide). Pearson Education.
  • Turner, J., & Shah, R. (2015). How to make money with social media: an insider's guide to using new and emerging media to grow your business (2nd ed.). Pearson Education.
  • Walsh, P. K. (2017). Ultimate guide to instagram for business. Entrepreneur Press.
  • White, B. A. (2018). When content goes viral (Ser. Critical thinking about digital media). Enslow Publishing.