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eBook Expo

Virtual displays featuring eBooks from UNO Libraries.

Native american art display

Image Source: Ken Lund, Native American Art, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Native American Authors

By, Hannah Wilkes

In this eBook Expo, you'll find books written by Native American authors and exciting books to explore. There are novels, historical and theoretical works, and science writing. These books highlight a variety of tribal identities, cultures, and personal perspectives. 

Braiding Sweetgrass : Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants
All Our Relations: Native Struggles for Land and Life

In this display:

  • Alexie, S. (2013). The Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in Heaven. Open Road Media.
  • Allen, P. G. (1992). The sacred hoop: Recovering the feminine in American Indian traditions. Open Road Integrated Media, Inc.
  • Bruchac, J. (2011). Flying with the eagle, racing the great bear: tales from Native North America. Fulcrum Publishing.Crow
  • Dog, M. & Erdoes, R. (2014). Lakota woman. Grove/Atlantic, Incorporated.
  • Deloria, V. (2003). God is red: a Native view of religion (Third edition.). Fulcrum Publishing.
  • Harjo, J. & Page, P. (2019). Wings of night sky, wings of morning light:  a play by Joy Harjo and a circle of responses. Wesleyan University Press.
  • Kimmerer, R.W. (2013). Braiding sweetgrass: Indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge and the teachings of plants (First edition.). Milkweed Editions.
  • King, T. (2013). The inconvenient Indian: a curious account of Native people in North America. University of Minnesota Press.
  • LaDuke, W. All our relations: Native struggles for land and life, Haymarket Books, 2016. ProQuest Ebook Central.
  • Mankiller, W., Erdrich, L., Deloria, V., & Steinem, G. (2011). Every day is a good day: reflections by contemporary Indigenous women (Memorial ed.). Fulcrum Pub.
  • Momaday N.S., & Momaday, A. (2019). The way to Rainy Mountain, 50th anniversary edition. University of New Mexico Press.
  • O’Mahoney, J. & O hAodha, M. (eds). (2011) The willow’s whisper: A transatlantic compilation of poetry from Ireland and Native America. Cambridge Scholars Publisher.

  • Tatonetti, L. (2014). The queerness of Native American literature. University of Minnesota Press.

  • Wong, H., Muller L., & Magdaleno, J. (2008). Reckonings: Contemporary short fiction by Native American women. Oxford University Press.