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eBook Expo

Virtual displays featuring eBooks from UNO Libraries.

War in Ukraine

On February 24, in the early morning hours, Vladimir Putin began an invasion of Ukraine. Since then, the Russian Armed Forces has continued to attack cities in Ukraine with missiles, tanks, and ground troops. Ukrainian military forces and civilians have resisted the invasion. The world has responded with political pressure, sanctions on Russia, military and arms support for Ukraine, and humanitarian aid. As of March 8, more than two million citizens of Ukraine have fled the country. 

In this eBook Expo, find books about Ukrainian history, Ukrainian-Russian relations, and more. Search the eBook collections below for more books about the history and culture of Ukraine.

In this display:

  • Alexievich, S. (2015). Voices from Chernobyl. Deep Vellum Publishing.
  • Bertelsen, O. (Ed.). (2017). Revolution and war in contemporary Ukraine : The challenge of change. Ibidem Verlag.
  • Brogi Bercoff, G., Pavlyshyn, M., & Plokhy, S. (2017). Ukraine and Europe: Cultural encounters and negotiations. University of Toronto Press.
  • Freeland, C. (2015). My Ukraine : A personal reflection on a nation's independence and the nightmare Vladimir Putin has visited upon it. Brookings Institution Press.
  • Hale, H. E., & Orttung, R. W. (Eds.). (2016). Beyond the euromaidan : Comparative perspectives on advancing reform in Ukraine. Stanford University Press.
  • Helbig, A. N., & Miszczynski, A. N. (2014). Hip hop Ukraine : Music, race, and African migration. Indiana University Press.
  • Maksymchuk, O., & Rosochinsky, M. (2017). Words for war : New poems from Ukraine. Academic Studies Press.
  • Nalbandov, R. (2016). Not by bread alone : Russian foreign policy under Putin. Potomac Books.
  • Pickhart, K. (2021). I will die in a foreign land. Two Dollar Radio.
  • Pieniazek, P. (2017). Greetings From Novorossiya : Eyewitness to the war in Ukraine. University of Pittsburgh Press.
  • Shevchenko, T. (2013). Kobzar. (P. Fedynsky, Trans.). Glagoslav Publications Ltd.
  • Shore, M. (2017). The Ukrainian night : An intimate history of revolution. Yale University Press.
  • Treisman, D. (2018). The new autocracy : Information, politics, and policy in Putin’s Russia. Brookings Institution Press.
  • Wilson, A. (2015). The Ukrainians : Unexpected nation (4th ed.). Yale University Press.
  • Wynnyckyj, M. (2019). Ukraine's maidan, Russia's war : A chronicle and analysis of the revolution of dignity. Ibidem Verlag.